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Vice X Don Bugito

Vice Magazine takes on Don Bugito

Vice Magazine took some time to visit us earlier this year to learn more about sustainable and ethical food practices. We were happy to host them through a week in the life of Don Bugito, sharing our farm, our kitchen, and our food. 

We discussed most of our work with social and climate activist, Stevie (founder of yay for earth) as she pressed us with all of her burning questions about edible insects. See a bunch of photos from the shoot below! (And don't forget to watch our clip too!)


As described by Vice:

Eating Insects To Save The World

Insects are on the menu — but to the surprise of many Americans, this isn’t anything new. In episode three of Fed Up, a series celebrating the curious folks hungering for something better, we meet Monica Martinez, founder of Don Bugito. She is reclaiming the insects she ate during her childhood in Mexico and is introducing Americans to an indigenous, sustainable addition to our diet and food systems.

oakland farm

kitchen and filming

sitting down for an edible insect meal

close up of the cricket tostada

learning more about edible insects

close up of our tasty bugs

thats a wrap! full crew + set gathered for a photo opp outside of our kitchen!

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Fancy Avocado Toast with Chile-Lime Crickets

Fancy Avocado Toast with Chile-Lime Crickets

Fall Elotes

Fall Elotes

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cricket Flower

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cricket Flower

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