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A great unique gift for the holidays or any special day. This is the most original, delicious and sustainable present! The Starter Pack Box comes with the four most popular flavors.

This combo is great to bring to parties as you try the first level: Cricket Flour Granola (made with milled cricket flour, no insects visible), then the second level: Chocolate Covered Crickets (insects visible only if you bite them in half), third level: Coconut Toffee Bugito Brittle (insects scattered throughout with a crunchy flavor), and fourth level: Chile Lime Crickets (you see the whole insect on their own).

This yummy, fun, sustainable pack is a delicious way to open any conversation. 


(1) Coconut Toffee Bugitos (mealworms)
(1) Chocolate Covered Crickets 
(1) Chile Lime Crickets w/ Pumpkin Seeds
(1) Granola Bites Powered with Cricket Flour

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