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Bugs are Better!

We are constantly coming across more and more articles about entomophagy and love he numerous perspectives on food. We love to challenge ourselves and our followers to question themselves and their friends about what you eat and why you eat it. 

I’d love to share this excerpt from a 2014 article written by Barbara J. King for NPR about her experience at the time and her reflections. she states, 

“Here at home, will insect-eating really catch on? I wonder about the squeamish-palate factor, and about the ethics of eating insects versus other animals. Clearly, as Marc Dennis notes, insects pack a nutritional punch:

‘According to the Entomological Society of America they generally contain more protein and are lower in fat than traditional meats. In addition they have about 20 times higher food conversion efficiency than traditional meats. In other words they have a better feed-to-meat ratio than beef, pork, lamb or chicken, not to mention other less traditional meats such as goat, horse, buffalo, ostrich and alligator.’ “

So why are we, as Americans so weirded out about insects as food? Is it because we’ve been told they’re “icky” our whole lives? But who tells us this? We don’t come into the world thinking anything is gross, we are taught this. Just as we are taught “Beef is Good”, can we be taught “Bugs are Better”? 

It is an unlearning and re-learning that we are responsible for. You can read the whole article here

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